Jan 11Liked by Nicole L.V. Mullis

Nicole, I believe this is one of your most well-crafted pieces, yet. You always take us readers on a journey of signs and discovery (even if we don’t realize it -- which is your special skill).

I, too, hope people in general make a comeback. Unlike past comebacks over Tyranny, Secession, Crashes, Wars and Terror, we seem to be flailing for broad common cause to return to “normalcy.” Simply desiring to “get past this” doesn’t seem to provide the fuel to get us there.

However, voices such as yours help us “slog” through this fog (not of war, but of “just getting by”) towards that elusive shared ground where we can find real traction.

Thank you for still developing laugh lines, even if the process includes a few stress-lines and weary sighs along the way.

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