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One of the things which makes HS hard is trying to maintain social connections while moving through different groups from class-to-class, year-to-year. For many of us “band geeks,” band is a family which began before middle-school made everything complicated, with connections which grow stronger every year. For many, the friends we make in band become the family we choose, our safe place, our home. Team sports have a similar bond, but even those shuffle lineups as teams get regrouped into JV or Varsity, and different players are started while others are benched. Like an ideal family, people are often eating and traveling together, everyone is always included, everyone relies on everyone else, and even though we grow into different people we need to learn to accept each other in working toward common goals. It's several years of getting together with the same people every day to ask ourselves what we can each do individually to create something beyond ourselves, something which can only be experienced with the group. At our best, we share the experience of a well-played show/concert so intense, it can really feel like nothing else in the world matters, and in that moment it's true.

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It’s the music. Music brings people together. If you have a bad mood… put on the music. If your sleepy but need to get motivated… put on the music. If you can’t sleep… spa music can help. Thank you Nicole. Music is powerful 🎶

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This is wonderful, considering I was one of your friends, a cheerleader and your "trill" of a flute/pic player:) Aubrey Marches tonight at CMU so this is perfect timing. Thank you for the great piece of writing and memory!

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